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To provide our clients with more timely and accessible information and data (Breaking News, Trade, Pricing, Containers, and Sustainability) we now offer out SBAcci mobile app.

Waiting for weekly or monthly newsletters is just not fast enough anymore. Even daily newsflashes are too slow. You always have your mobile device nearby, so now you can always have access to the latest information on pricing, trade, breaking news, sustainability, and new containers for the PET industry. Information is updated, as it happens, and sent directly to your mobile device.

App Installation Instructions

Either with an Apple iOS device (iPhone or iPad) or an Android device (phone or tablet), you will be able to download and use the new SBAcci app. A simple search for “SBAcci” in your App Store (iTunes or Google Play) will find it, or use the link buttons below. It is a free download and app, but you must be a SBAcci client and receive a password to access the protected newsworthy areas.

Once you become a client and provide your email address and mobile device number, you will receive an automatically-generated password, but it will be some random series and hard to remember. You may change them after your first sign in. Passwords can be reset in the Profile section under the 3 dots in top right of the App home page.

To receive “pop-up” notifications when new items are added to the App, you will need to “allow” (turn on) notifications in your device settings after you install the app…just like any other app. Scroll down to find the newly installed SBAcci app alphabetically with all of your other apps.

Notifications, once turned on in your device settings, can be adjusted for each protected area under the “gear” in the top right of each protected page. That way, if you are NOT interested in getting notifications from any one area, you can selectively turn it off by category.

We hope this app can bring our data and information to you more efficiently, and that you will have it as a handy reference with you most of the time.

Please let us know if you have any issues or need further guidance...or if you have suggestions for improvement.

For app access please contact:

John C. Maddox
Phone: (+1) 904 382-8735

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